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Feet Treatment

Treat Your Feet Intentionally.



We invite online casino players to give their feet the attention they truly deserve. After all, a foot spa is a great way to pamper your feet, read myStake casino review. In addition, a foot spa allows online casino players to revitalize their feet and focus specifically on relaxing them and ensuring their excellent condition.

Give your feet the attention they really deserve by pampering them––a foot spa is one great way of doing this, reviving your feet and allowing you to concentrate specifically on relaxing them and ensuring they're in great condition.


Service AED  
Flavored Feet Spa 150  
Deep Moisturizing Paraffin Plunge 150  
Callous Away With Pedicure 145  
Crystal Spa Pedicure 165  


**It is mandatory to do the basic pedicure along with the spa treatments,cannot be done separately.


Please note that there is additional  5% VAT.