Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

Nail Care

Let`s Polish It!


"A girl should have two things: Beautiful Nails and Fabulous Toes."

With our meticulous nail technicians nothing is imposible.

Services AED  
Basic Manicure/Polished/French Touch 65/70/75   
Basic Pedicure/Polished/French Touch 75/80/85   
M&P Basic/M&P Polished/M&P French 130/140/150   
Change Polish/ Change Polish French 35/40   
Permanent Hand Polish/Permanent Hand Change Polish French (Gel) 85/95   

Permanent Feet Polish/Permanent Feet Polish French (Gel)

PC with Manicure/PC with Manicure French  130/140  
PC with Pedicure/PC with Pedicure French 140/150   
H2O Manicure Polish/H2O Manicure French 90/95   
H2O Pedicure Polish/H2O Pedicure French 100/105   
H2O Polish/H2O Polish French  50/55  
Fake Nails With Manicure/Fake Nails With Manicure French 155/160  
Chrome Manicure Gel 170   
Chrome Pedicure Gel 175   
Perfect Match Changing Mood Manicure 135  
Perfect Match Changing Mood Pedicure 145  
Perfect Match Changing Polish Change 90  
The Extras AED  
French Brush Application 15  
French Twist Application 20  
Gel Polish Removal 30  
Scrub Only 30  
Fake Nails 100  
Nail Art Per Nail 10  
Crystal Stone Per Nail 5/10  
Pretty Princess Color Hands & Feet 50  
Temporary Tattoo Small/Big 60/100  
Gel Top Coat 25  
Fake Nail Repair Per Nail 10  
Gel Polish Nail Repair Per Nail 10  
Fake Nail Removal 30  
Cut & File 30  
Chrome Per Nail 25  


Please note that there is additional  5% VAT.