So Soft & Smooth!

Hair Removal

Where Waxing Is More Than Just A Specialty.


Be a smooth operator with our hygienic ‘no double dipping’ wax that delivers a lot less ouch and reduced regrowth.Waxing is the preferred method of superfluous hair removal for many women. Waxing allows the skin to be hair-free and smooth for weeks at a time. Enjoy clean and beautiful skin with the wax, leaves the skin perfectly smooth with no trace of previous hair growth. The look is natural and gorgeous.

Services AED  
Half Arm 40  
Full Arm 60  
Under Arm 30  
Half Leg 60  
Full Leg 100  
Brazilian Bikini 100  
Full Stomach 50  
Buttocks 40  
Bikini Lines 40  
Half Back 40  
Back 70  
Chest 50  
Neck 30  
Hand Fingers 25  
Full Body Wax 350  


Please note that there is additional  5% VAT.